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Moduloader Frames - Modular Base

5 Stars
Ships in 1-3 business days

Product Description

ModuLoader Frames are designed to bridge the gap between daily concealed carry gear and more “tactical” load carriage products like the extremely versatile Taco pouches from High Speed Gear, Inc. ModuLoader Frames are injection molded from the same unbreakable polymer as our belt loops and pancake wings, and allow the user to mount Taco pouches securely to a standard pants belt. This simple product largely eliminates the need for unnecessarily bulky padded MOLLE/PALS belts.

Frames are made to work specifically with HSGI Taco pouches.  Taco pouches have a number of features that work with the Frames to hold the pouch in place.  All Taco pouches have three horizontal rows of 1" webbing with no space in between the rows.  The Taco pouches for rifle magazines are tacked down the center of these three rows to create two separate channels.  On the Taco pouches, by selecting which two rows of webbing you pass the Frame through you can adjust the ride height up or down. 

Frames come in four sizes.  The pouch configuration you want will determine which size you select.  Each size has a different number of vertical "fingers" (5, 4, 3 or 2).  The fingers slide behind two of the horizontal rows of webbing on the inside face of the pouch and are secured by installing the included bracket along the bottom of the Frame.  Taco rifle mag pouches use two fingers, pistol mag pouches use one finger.  If you will be mounting more than one pouch on a Frame you must skip a finger between each pouch.  For example, if you want to mount two rifle mag carriers on a Frame, you would order a 5 finger Frame.  The two rifle mag carriers would mount on the four outer fingers leaving an empty finger in the middle of the Frame assembly.  If you want to assemble a frame for one rifle and one pistol mag carrier, you would select a 4 finger frame.  If you want to assemble a Frame for two pistol mag carriers, you would select the 3 finger Frame.  If you want to assemble a Frame for one rifle mag carrier, you would select a two finger Frame.

This is our Modular Base Frame set up.  These kits come with the size frame you select, locking bracket, all needed hardware and the belt attachment you choose.  If you choose standard belt loops, 5 finger Frames come with three belt loops, all other sizes come with two belt loops.  If you select 1.5 or 1.25" the belt loops can be mounted with the logo pointing up or down to adjust the ride height.  If you select pancake wings all Frames come with two wings in the belt size you select.  If you select the paddle clip option 5 and 4 finger Frames come with two clips, 3 and 2 finger frames come with one clip.  You can link these frames to our other modular holsters and carriers (with additional hardware kits).

Fit Guide:

Rifle magazine pouches mount on "two fingers." Pistol magazine pouches mount on "one finger," but require extra space for the belt loops to be mounted. When mounting more than one pouch, it is necessary for one "finger" to be a spacer between the pouches. Examples:

  • One rifle magazine - Two Finger Frame
  • One pistol magazine - Three Finger Frame recommended (belt loops mounted to outside Fingers, pistol pouch mounted to center Finger).
  • One Rifle magazine and one pistol magazine - Four Finger Frame
  • Two rifle magazines - Five Finger Frame
  • Two pistol magazines - Three Finger Frame
  • Three pistol magazines - Five Finger Frame

With the standard belt loops included, the magazines will ride on the belt with four available ride heights.  Because of the construction of the loops and the nature of the carriers, they will stand off away from your belt just a little.  This will facilitate a positive grip on the magazines and will also clear most concealable body armor.  If you require a more concealable set up, you can choose a set of our Pancake Wings which will pull the pouches in as close as possible to your body.  If you require a quick on/off option, you can select the paddle clip option.  The paddle clip is adjustable from 1.25" to 2" belts.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jul 2015

    These are bomber and I like having the modularity with the taco pouches. Well done RCS

  2. Why didn't they think of this sooner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2015

    these are great. They are super handy, especially if you don't want to run a big bulky battle belt. I have some taco rife and pistol mags on 2 of them and a dump pouch on another and it's by far my favorite setup.

  3. Universally Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2015

    The modular platform makes the HSGI Tacos user friendly for less than full tac training.
    They clip on and off with ease, set up easily, and can be configured for just about any purpose.
    I am a firearm instructor and use some configuration of the modular load out with HSGI tacos for every class I teach from basic pistol, carbine, low light classes or sims classes. This can also be set up as a concealed carry option with good selection of cover garment. Holds mags, lights, tools, whatever you need HSGI makes a pouch and Raven makes a modular platform.
    Absolutely, Universally, Awesome Product

  4. must have for tacos 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2015

    I run a very low profile set up, this mod. Base helps me accomplish that. I opt'd for the 5 fingers, running 3 pistol tacos with the paddle attachment. This is the updated version with supplied short screws and o rings to keep everything tight and not jiggling around. Also it's lifetime warranty, can't go wrong with that.

  5. good simple product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2015

    Holds my rifle/pistol tacos securly and comfortably on my belt. Seems like it will hold up well, I'm planning on using it in an upcoming class so we'll see.

  6. Not Sturdy 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2015

    I purchased this along with the taco mag pouches and it worked well for a few range trips. After using it in a weekend class with a 1500+ round count I figured out that it is a piece of crap. Way to flimsy to support 3 fully loaded mags, especially when running. Everything bounces everywhere and the mages bend the bouches away from your body.

    Bottom line, just buy the regular kydex mag holders.

  7. Excellent Compact Design 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Mar 2015

    Great product. Supportive, compact, and easy to set up.

    I purchased the base with the HSGI Taco pouch and setting up the load out was a breeze, and before using Lock-Tite, it's easy enough to swap out carry loads. Ultimately, I've chosen the three Pistol mag load as shown in one of the preview images for the base. The base is supportive on my nylon belt and it is hassle free to remove and swap out.

    Definitely recommend and it is my go-to from now on.

  8. durable, flexible, yet practical to many appications or style of carry covert or overt. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Feb 2015

    I have owned, trained, and utilized various modular set ups with HSGI Taco pouches and Raven Holsters in the performance of special programs in the security sector. Great product!

  9. moduloader frame 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jan 2015

    Love it. Arrived quickly even over the holidays. We'll constructed. Came with all applicable hardware. I've used it for a few range sessions without any issue. I have no doubt it will stand up to a summer of 3 gun competition.

  10. Very Good Product 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Dec 2014

    I ordered two five finger frames, one for pistol tacos and the other for carbine tacos. The frames fit like a glove and work well. The directions for assembly are a little tough to read. I think I had to put them together and take them apart a couple of times before I got it right. Use Blue Locktite!

    Once assembled, they fit well around the belt and hold the tacos snug. Good product and I'd recommend buying to anyone without reservation

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