Pocket Shield


The Pocket Shield was conceived by Chris Fry, owner of MDTS Training, and was co-developed with, and manufactured by Raven Concealment Systems.

The Pocket Shield is a flexible, modular platform which allows an individual to securely and discreetly carry a small defensive implement (such as a firearm, pistol magazine, fixed-blade or folding knife, flashlight, canister of pepper spray, expandable baton or other impact weapon, multi-tool, etc) inside the front pocket of jeans or dress pants without visible pocket clips or printing.

The Pocket Shield is shaped to ride comfortably in the front pocket of most pants, and provides consistent orientation within the pocket to facilitate quick-access and deployment of an individual’s light or weapon. The platform is made from flexible, high-strength polymer that conforms to the shape of the user’s body for all-day carry comfort; yet it is rigid enough to remain anchored securely inside the pocket during strenuous movement or weapon deployment.

The unique mounting slots on the Pocket Shield allow users to attach nearly any small knife sheath or pocket holster to the platform at a wide range of angles. It can even be trimmed by the user to facilitate achieving a full fighting grip on the weapon or to fit in smaller pockets.

The Pocket Shield not only provides a stable platform – it masks the profile of whatever is attached to it. This is especially important for those who must wear dress pants or other garments made with thin, clingy material.

The Pocket Shield has been tested and fielded both domestically and abroad in a variety of non-permissive environments, with excellent results. This simple tool is a must-have for anyone conducting low-profile/no-profile missions.

Like all RCS products, the Pocket Shield is 100% U.S.-made, and is covered by our unconditional lifetime guarantee.


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Written by Brad on 17th Oct 2016

Great idea

I've been following this on a forum over the years and finally broke down and got one. I like it but it's just a bit too wide to fit in the pockets of the shorts I usually wear (Riggs by Wrangler). I'll probably cut it down a bit to work for me but that's not the fault of the designer or Raven. I'll buy some more later for other carry set ups.

Written by Travis E. on 1st Sep 2016

Great tool!

I was unsure about this thing when I ordered it but I've been very satisfied with it and use it daily. First off, it does print; however, it's only noticeable when I'm sitting down so not a big deal. Second, it feels flimsy but if it wasn't it wasn't so flexible it wouldn't contour to your leg and would be very uncomfortable. Third, it's very comfortable. I carry a spyderco endura, olight SR-20 baton, and a leatherman skeletool cx on mine daily and it's barely noticeable. My typical dress consists of slacks or jeans, button down and a sport coat/blazer and nobody is the wiser that I have my tools on me. Great addition to any kind of EDC kit.

Written by David on 12th Aug 2016

£16 import charge

As above for a $24 piece of kit it cost £16 to import. Sweet baby Jesus.

Written by David on 12th Aug 2016

Did not arrive

I love in the UK, I ordered this as I thought it was a great idea to use as a Military/CP ALS medic. The company used UPS then it was handed to Parcel Farce in the UK and as usual they messed it up and lost it. Why did it not stay with UPS? If you live in the UK and want stuff from here, seek other means of getting it in the country would be my suggestion. In this day and age you would think getting a package from the US to the UK would be easy, ahhh no. Stay well clear.

Written by undefined on 16th Jul 2016

Very good product

I paired it with a blue force double pouch and i carry a spare mag and a surefire g2x light. Really like how comfortable it is.

Written by CF on 10th Dec 2015

Works well or doesn't depending on how deep your pockets are.

This item works well for holding edc items. I keep a spare mag, flashlight, keysmart (that I attached a pocket clip from a Leatherman on), and knife on to mine. I mostly attach items with pocket clips to mine so the precut slots seem to just make the item flimsy past where I added my mag pouch. The moduloader works well in jeans or pants that do not have deep pockets. In my cargo pants with deep pockets it becomes cumbersome to use items attached to the moduloader. I wasn't going to say anything because overall I like the item but I was sent an email asking to review it and decided I would use the opportunity to suggest that they make a taller version. The moduloader pocket shield also works well in my nightstand where i keep my edc items when i'm not wearing pants... I can keep it loaded up and throw it all in my pocket the next day. The Moduloader keeps my edc items upright and from falling to the bottom of my pockete which keeps them comfortable. It also provides some separation while limiting their movement which keeps them quiet. I would suggest RCS make a taller one for deeper pockets and possibly make it a little thicker or much thicker and pre-curved.

Written by Matt on 19th Nov 2015

Great solution for your edc items!

I usually carry a medium sized folder, small fixed blade, small flashlight, pen, and multitool with me daily. Keeping all of these things organized in my pocket was a challenge and I always had clips and parts of knife handles hanging out of pockets in plain sight of the public. The pocket shield allows me to carry all these things upright in my pockets with very minimal printing and no clips hanging out. For use with jeans I had to it down a bit so it would fit better and now it works great. Such a simple but great idea!

Written by Sherwin on 14th Nov 2015

love it!!! Use it everyday!

Since this arrived I've used it everyday. Really lets me carry my EDC in open pocket and its stable. I do wish it would be a little bit thicker but still flexible. Otherwise, great product! Might get another one.

Written by matt frye on 12th Nov 2015


Possibly the coolest and most used piece of my EDC!! I have 4 of them and just ABSOLUTLEY dig them!!

Written by Colin on 16th Oct 2015

Works as expected

I've been looking for a way to carry my Blackhawk knife without it wearing holes in the pockets of my cargo shorts. This is definitely a step above what I had, and actually work really well with other trousers and shorts front pockets. For cargo shorts though I would like to see a bigger option made available, an inch or so wider and an inch or so taller to aid in filling out the pocket and with longer items.